Why does your new boom design not feature a external tail end design?

After consideration for tail design we did some weight calculations and load analyses before making a final decision. We needed a minim wall-thickness for the tail tube as well as for the back of the body. The pins used for the adjustment are pushing directly on the construction of the boom, would this be too thin the pins will tear through the tubes. For load bearing on the oversize tube you would need a minimal wall-thickness, a wall thickness far too small to be able to handle the loading on the adjustment pins. Making something with a larger circumference (like the external tail) thicker would quickly add weight. Having the tail internal we can have a slightly thicker wall to easily reach the same stiffness and have enough beef to hold the pins. Also it allows us to keep the tail (back part) at 30mm instead of the 38mm again reducing weight at the most crucial place on the boom.


How can it be so much lighter then the other booms on the market?

We designed this boom and all its parts from the ground up. At every stage we looked at maximizing weight reduction. We limit the use steel parts and eliminate the use of plastic parts on our boom. A perfect example is our twin pin clip for the tail adjustment that weights 8 grams (16gram for a set) these made of plastic with a housing are 60grams (120gr per set). Here allone we safe 100grams..

Then there is the head. Our head complete with all parts is 190 gram, that compared to the lightest most common boom head on the market at 345 grams we lost another 150 grams. While the superior construction gives superior stiffness and rider feedback.

Then at the back of the boom we talk about swing weight. Our tail is far lighter then anything out there. The large one is 450 grams including adjustment pipes. While the unique construction has incredible stiffness. Reducing the swing weight of the boom helps any windsurfer at any level to make this sport easier.

So the weight is not reduced by one thing alone, it is done by looking at and optimizing each part of the boom. But all without sacrificing durability and while increasing response.

What is your warrantee policy?

Every warrantee is handled on a case to case base. If you have an issue with the product then it is as simple as contacting us via the same e-mail as you used to order you boom. We offer a 2 year warrantee on the boom. This warrantee covers all parts that are delivered by us, but doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. All workman ship and material failure under normall use is covered. In case of doubt we will get the product back and do a small research. Either way, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to keep you on the water with our product. We understand it would be a down-grade to use anything else after having used the proboom.

As questions come in, answers will be posted here. So check back from time to time, or if you have a question please sent us an e-mail.