About us:

When 1+1=3.

Niek Huisman

Windsurfing is the most important thing in my life, this is also how I met Pieter.

As a passionate windsurfer but also a mechanical engineer it was no surprise that I started working on windsurfing related projects. Part of this project has also been used as my graduation project at the Delft Technical University. With my background we did not need to outsource any technical issues as I am responsible for the 3D modelling of the boom and the CNC milling of the production molds. 

Pieter Bijl

As a veteran in the world of windsurfing development, Pieter has been involved in many products and projects within the windsurfing world. His level of sailing, his understanding of the materials, his can-do attitude and his practical thinking resulted in some unique products. Having passion for both the sport and handcrafted products Pieter was able to really put everything into this project. Working together with Niek who is young and motivated is a perfect combination and each of the steps and progresses made during the development came easily and naturally.

Pieter’s strengths are concept development and practical solutions. That in combination with Niek’s industrial approach, detail oriented and problem solving skills made for a perfect match to bring this product to the next level for you to enjoy!