Product Care information


It’s a high-end product, a little care goes a long way.

The Pro-Boom is a 100% carbon boom and should therefore be handled as a high end product. Please take care of your boom in the same way that you do with your carbon masts. Handle with care when not in use.

Same as for a mast the boom is designed to handle all loads during sailing, that is what it’s made for. However, during improper use the boom could be damaged. As with any carbon product please make sure to avoid knocks. So please be careful while loading or unloading from the car, during transportation and while rigging avoid contact with hard and sharp objects.

If you want to protect and enjoy your investment for as long as possible then please follow and repeat the user guide below.

Please keep the boom clean from sand and dust. We know sometimes this isn’t possible, this is no problem as long as you quickly rinse your boom at your first convenience.

The tail slides in the body with a minimal tolerance this leads to a boom with better characteristics as it gives direct feedback and prevents play between the parts. However this tight fit does require more attention from the user. After usage it is recommended to wash the boom with fresh water, especially the tail end as it is an open system and water and sand can flush in and out.

The tail can be taken out of the boom to properly clean the inside of the body. To do so, both ropes of the adjustable outhaul system should be taken out of the cleats to create enough rope length to slide the tail completely out of the body. The adjustable outhaul system consists of three ropes, one on each side of the body and one in the tail end. When taking the tail out of the body the knots become exposed. For rinsing there is no need to take these knots out, the rinsing can be done with everything “hanging” together by the knots. If however there is a need to take the knots out to really remove the tail then please pay attention to the knot and length of the ropes to get everything back together properly.

So now it might seem that there is a lot of things to take care of. Please know that we are telling you this to make sure you get to enjoy this product as long as possible. It is a real piece of art and a one of kind piece of equipment. This product care info is just to make sure you get the most out of your product.