The PRO-BOOM was created out of desire to make a boom that is lighter and with better response then anything on the market. What we had in mind is a product that is simple yet sophisticated. We looked at each piece individually and designed and build it to have optimal performance with minimal weight.


It all started when…

The PRO-BOOM came to life with the tail-end. Playing around with some tail-end constructions we learned that reducing the weight of the tail-end of the boom gives a really nice feeling and leads to some nice performance gains by reducing the swing weight. However, we felt there was more to gain in boom design. How would it be if we could adjust the curve of the boom to allow for a more efficient rider position? So we started playing with some curves on some booms and trying different booms with different curves. We quickly learned what we liked and started production of the first mold. We build our first boom from the ground up. The construction method we use to produce these booms is new and needed to be optimized, but from the start it was clear that booms can be much lighter and that our curve felt like the best balance between front and back hand we had tried this far. Helping in sailing position efficiency and preventing fatigue.

Boom Head offset angle.jpg

After months and months of testing we finalized the body, by doing the load analyses and working towards an optimized fiber orientation. In parallel we were also optimizing our production process. At this time we were still not clear what boom head was good enough for our boom. After doing some construction testing we made the call to also design our own boom head. We didn’t want to depend on plastic parts to transfer the load, give the feedback and keep the head in place, it had to be a carbon head as this would give the lightest connection with the highest feedback to the rider. We wanted to use continuous fibers to maximize the strength and minimize the weight. We designed the head so that the fibers are in line with the load path in order to create the best energy transfer possible. Time pressure was on and after some alterations we were able to bring the head from prototype to production.

When the head was finished all parts came together to finish this amazing product. The goal was reached; a lightweight, stiff boom with a minimalistic design and a sophisticated appeal. Minimal use of steel parts and with the ability to produce most of the components our self, in house in Holland. 

A new product is born: the PRO-BOOM