User Instruction

The boom head consists of the following parts

  1. One carbon load carrying part

  2. Two rotating clamps, one at the top and one at the bottom of the boom head. Each clamping assembly consists of a rubber strap and a rotating clamp with a rope.

Step 1. Put the boom onto the mast and push the rubber straps up and around the mast.

Head instructions Knot.jpg

Step 2. Take the rope from the clamp/cleat side and pass it around the mast in opposite direction of the rubber straps.

Step 3. The knot at the end of the rope is then slid into the keyway of the carbon boom head.

Step 4. Close the clamp and repeat these steps on the other side.

Please keep in mind that unlike other booms the design of the PRO-BOOM head does not at all get its stiffness from tightening the ropes. Of course the ropes need to be tight enough for the head to be properly mounted on the mast. Over-tightening of the ropes will only increase the wear and will not increase the performance. The rubber we choose to use is a non skid rubber that really grips on the mast. So also there you don’t need a lot of tension on the ropes. Make it easy on yourself. Make sure it is tight, but not too tight.

Please regularly check the robes of the clamping sets for wear.